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Beautiful backpacking trip to Ancient Lakes in eastern Washington.  

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Basalt and caliche rock are unique in their prominence of the soils in the grape growing areas. Missoula floods scoured the area stripping the original top soils along the western edge of the Quincy valley. Large standing pools of water left by the floods created thick deposits of caliche that lay over the basalt. With time, both rock types have fractured and are prominent in the soils. Quincy loam and windblown loess soils lay over the rocks.

Laying between the Beezley Hills to the North and the Frenchman Hills to the south, the growing region was severely impacted by the immense water flows of the Missoula floods. The scouring effect of the waters stripped the top soils down to the basalt and scoured out canyons referred to locally as “coulees” which are prominent features near many of the planted vineyards.[3] The Columbia River forms the western border of the grape growing region. 

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Backpacking Gear - Complete Weight Breakdown of the Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cookset

I am looking into adding to my cooking abilities depending on the scenario.  I will be breaking the cooksets down and measuring.  The weight breakdowns will be listed below.

Traveling light and fast? This minimalist kit packs your kitchen into a tiny space, and weighs about 5 ounces.

    Kit includes 28-fl. oz. pot with lid and a lightweight, 10 fl. oz. cup; pot nests inside cup, Giga™ stove nests inside pot
    Both pot and cup have a handle that folds flat for packing
    Rounded bottom edges are easy to clean and improve heating efficiency
    Comes with a lightweight nylon storage bag; stowed dimensions are 4.25 (diameter) x 5.2 (height) inches


Capacity and dimensions per piece are as follows:

    28 fl. oz. pot is 4 inches (diameter) x 4.75 inches (height)
    10 fl. oz. cup is 4 inches (diameter) x 2 inches (height)

Total 5.7oz--162g
Bag 0.4oz--12g
Pot 3oz--85g
Cup 1.6oz--45g
Lid 0.7oz--20g