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Backpacking Cook Set Presentation to get some More!!!!

This is a presentation after first doing an internet search of cook sets.  I also watched Youtube videos to gain some more insight.  I did some initial evaluation to come up with the sets in this video.  I also reviewed each one, the videos are on my channel.  

The goal is to augment what I currently have to be able to add versatility.  I am not a weight crazy hiker, sorry you win.  I do appreciate lightness, but losing one ounce by not having a lid is not my style.  I also hike solo, in pairs, quads and sometimes up to 8 people.  I also have various stoves.

Cooksets presented are the GSI Pinnacle Dualist Ultralight, Pinnacle Soloist and Halulite Microdualist, the MSR Trail Lite Duo system and Flex 3, and the Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cookset.

Also shown is my Jetboil Flash, MSR Dragonfly stove, MSR Pocket Rocket Stove, Trangia and Esbit Pocket Stove.

Thanks for watching.