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Worlds Best Hammock According to Hammockers camping hammock

Almost daily the question of what hammock should I get is asked by those wanting to get into the hobby.  Most of the time they just get a brand or model and no real reasoning behind it.

I did a survey of a hammock forum and posed some general questions that may be helpful to someone.

The first question was where do you hammock.  I left this an open question to get a good feel of the range.  Many answers given on the forums are either directed to backpackers only, or may be someone that doesn't care at all about weight.  The results were 47% backpacked, 21% car camped, 13% hung at home, 12% said other and it turned out a ton kayaked or canoed, and 7% hung in their house.

The next question was regarding hammock style or type, and were only allowed one response.  91% said a gathered end style, 8% bridge, 1% 90 degree style, and 0% old school Mexican style.

Next came length of gathered end and only one response allowed.  70% was 10-11 feet. 23%- was 11-12, 5% 9-10 feet, over 12 feet accounted for 1% as did 8-9 feet, 0% for under 8.

Lay in the gathered end was 91% diagonal, and 9% banana or inline lay.

When asked if a ridgeline was used to set the sag, 93% used a ridgeline.


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