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Big 4 Ice Caves on The Mountain Loop Hwy.-Washington State Hikes

Day hike up to Big 4 Ice Caves on the Mountain Loop Hwy. Washington State.

In order to keep this feed from going from a persons post of their trip to becoming a warning that they will be killed I am compiling a list. To be fair then, anytime someone hikes Muir, The Enchantments, Twin Falls, Pilchuck, Big Four, anywhere there are goats, it is dangerous. From 1997 to 2001 there were 19 deaths in the 2 national parks (18 men, 1 woman); all victims were adults. Hiking (58%) and mountaineering (26%) were the most common activities at the time of death. Mechanism of death included falls (37%), medical (eg, myocardial infarction) (21%), drowning (5%), and suicide (5%) . Backpacking is inherently dangerous. Learn, train and be prepared.
Muir Icefield-From Paradise to Camp Muir 294 deaths have occurred. On top 10 list in nation. Main killer is storm coming in and catching climbers off guard. Check weather, bring proper gear, be properly trained.
Twin Falls-Man falls after going beyond trail closed sign
Pilchuck Falls-SAR member falls and dies trying to rescue some stranded hikers
Big Four Ice Caves-4 people since 1998 due to collapse, 1 6 year died in river
Aasgaard Pass-2 in last year. One glissading and falling into waterfall and taken under snow.
Olympic National Forest-Man killed by mountain goat
Pinnacle Lake Trail-2 women murdered
Rattlesnake Ridge-3 deaths from falling, 1 suicide
Castle Ravine Trail-Man dies of exposure
Mt. Pilchuck-Man falls to death