Nature Calls Backpacking

I am really impressed with this ultralight stove. Normally I don't like copy items from China, but this one is unique and nothing is close. It is not designed for huge pots or long burns. I would say it is perfect for boiling 2 cups of water in a small pot. I could see where it may start to deform if you had the burner on too long. It outputs about 9000btus.

Weight: 25g
Power: 2700W/9000btus
Expand Size: diameter 85 * 68.5 mm(Approx)
Folding Size: diameter 37 * 52 mm(Approx)
Material: 60% Titanium allow, 10% Copper,20% stainless-steel

BRS-3000T Ultralight Titanium Stove