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Best Backpacking Camp Shoes - Combat Flip Flops and Shemaghs!

Please support they are truly helping and doing great positive actions of the world.

As Army Rangers with several Afghanistan tours behind them, Griff and Lee saw a country filled with hard-working, creative people who wanted jobs, not handouts.

Flip flops were just the start. They have taken a product that people in nearly every country on the planet wear, and made it a weapon for change. Right now, all their flip flops are made in Bogota, Colombia, providing jobs and investing in people who desperately need it. They have done that with all the products they sell.

The USA made Claymore Bag's flip the script, on traditional weapons of war. Instead of carrying bombs, these bags act as a carry-all for business tools like iPad's, laptops and more.

The Cover and Concealment sarongs are handmade in Afghanistan by local women. Each one takes three days to make.

The Peacemaker Bangle and Coinwrap are sent straight from artisans in Laos - and they're made from landmines dropped during the Vietnam war.


The Double Bottom Line:

    Every product Combat Flip Flops sells puts an Afghan girl into secondary school for a day.
    Each Peacemaker Bangle or coinwrap sold clears 3 square meters of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) from a region rocked by long-term war - saving lives and providing economic opportunity.