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Complete Weight Breakdown of the GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset

I am looking into adding to my cooking abilities depending on the scenario.  I will be breaking the cooksets down and measuring.  The weight breakdowns will be listed below.

A compact cookset for backcountry travelers, the GSI Pinnacle Soloist has everything you need to enjoy a tasty meal while traveling light and fast on the trail.

    Cook system includes a 1.1 liter hard-anodized pot with plastic strainer lid, 14 fl. oz. insulated mug, telescoping foon, stove bag and welded sink/stuff sack
    All items nest securely inside the pot with room to spare for an ultralight backpacking stove and 220g isobutane? fuel canister (both sold separately)
    Pinnacle-series hard-anodized aluminum pot distributes heat evenly for fast and efficient cooking; uses TeflonĀ® Radiance technology for supreme scratch resistance
    Teflon Radiance features a specially formulated topcoat to enhance heat dispersion for quick heating; nonstick coating is tough enough to handle use with most metal utensils
    BPA-free Infinity polypropylene mug/bowl has a low center of gravity and includes an integrated insulating sleeve to keep your drinks hot
    Infinity polypropylene has a high melting temperature, offers good impact resistance and is dishwasher safe
    Lightweight pot lids doubles as a Sip-It lid for the mug; lid features an integrated strainer that comes in handy when cooking pasta or steaming vegetables
    Silicone-coated handle on pot provides a comfortable, secure grip; handle locks into place for cooking and secures the entire set for transport
    Ranging in length from 3.8 in. to 6 in., telescoping foon combines a fork and spoon to save weight
    All components are 100% BPA free
    Included stove bag holds your ultralight stove (sold separately) so it doesn't come into contact with your clean bowl, foon or pot when stowed
    The complete GSI Pinnacle Soloist kit fits inside the included welded sink basin that doubles as a carry bag

Total 11oz--312g
Bag 1oz--29g
Pot 7oz--198g
Pot lid 0.9oz--26g
Bowl 1.5oz--43g
Spork 0.3oz--9gComplete Weight Breakdown of the GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset