Nature Calls Backpacking

Hiking Pratt River Trail, Middle Fork Snoqualmie, Washington

About a 6 mile roundtrip along the Pratt River Trail.  I am using a few new pieces of equipment so not so good, but the hike was so great.  I am using the iGlide video camera stabilizer with my normal video.  I tried out a new GoPro, but found the audio was terrible...need an external mic.
We came across a WTA trail maintenance crew and they were incredible.
Some of the equipment out for field test were a Kelty Long Trail External Backpack, Craghopper Bear Grylls Survivor Pants, Arc'terex trekking pants, Cascade Carbon Trekking poles, and various other clothing I mention.  Also the REI Flash 18 and Ollydog dog backpack.