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Hilleberg Allak Review and Set Up - 2 person, 4 season, freestanding tent

I took the opportunity to do some practice set ups before a snow outing with the Hilleberg Allak 4 season, 2 person, freestanding backpacking tent.

Inspired by the exceptionally strong Staika, the Allak was designed to be a completely free standing, all season dome tent for those prioritizing lighter weight over absolute strength. During its two year development, the Allak became the testers’ tent of choice anytime they were uncertain about what kind of terrain or conditions they might experience on a trip. Its exceptionally compact footprint and free standing design are ideal for tough pitching conditions, such as rocky ground and sand, and it is easily light enough for mobile journeys, where you move your camp every day. At the same time, its three pole dome structure is strong enough for base camp use in all but the worst conditions. Since its introduction, paddlers favor it for its ability to be pitched nearly anywhere, while backpackers choose it for its roomy stability and wonderfully light weight. Mountaineers appreciate both the Allak’s free standing design and its roominess, as well as its ability to deal with snow loading. And taller adventurers find its length a welcome comfort.

Minimum Weight 2.8 kg/6 lbs 2 oz
Packed Weight 3.3 kg/7 lbs 4 oz

Outer tent fabric Kerlon 1200

Poles (9 mm) 3 x 370 cm, 3 x 145.7 in

Pegs 12 V-Peg