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Hilleberg Atlas-The Ultimate Expedition 4 Season Tent-Set Up and Review

Atlas Basic Weight* 10.5 kg/23 lbs
Height 205 cm/81 in
Area  15.5 m2/166.8 ft2

Tremendously spacious, very stable and completely modular, the Atlas is the ideal big-group tent for any situation.

Large group tents that are very strong, relatively light, and easy to pitch are difficult to find. The Atlas is all these things and more, since it is also totally modular. We originally designed and built the Atlas for polar scientists who wanted a mobile research station, and it has been used with great success by South Pole research teams for over seven years. It appeals to large backcountry groups of all types, from mountaineering expeditions needing a highly reliable, spacious base camp tent to outdoor programs looking for large, easily portable spaces for sleeping and group gathering. It has also become especially popular with outfitters leading large groups into remote places.

The Atlas can be used in its Basic form, with no inner tent or floor, or it can be customized as needed with a variety of options. The Inner Tent 8 and 6, which sleep eight and six persons, respectively, both have sewn-in floors. The Floorless Inner also sleeps eight, and can be paired with the Detachable Floor, which can also be used without the inner tent. External Vestibules can be added to either door, and the Connector can join multiple Atlas tents together. And the optional Carrier Bag is designed to function as a backpack for transporting an Atlas and all its optional components in a compact, easy-to-carry package.

"Atlas" takes its name from the giant in Greek mythology who holds up the earth, as well as from North Africa's most famous mountain range.

Optional External
Vestibule Area

Outer tent fabric  Kerlon SP
Poles (17 mm)

Module Weights
Inner Tent 8  4.2 kg/9 lbs 4 oz
Inner Tent 6  3.5 kg/7 lbs 11 oz
Floorless Inner  2.1 kg/4 lbs 10 oz
Detachable Floor 2.8 kg/6 lbs 3 oz
Vestibule  1.4 kg/3 lbs 2 oz
(incl. 1 pole)
Connector  700 g/1 lb 9 oz
Pegs  20 Y-Pegs