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Hilleberg Nammatj 2 4 Season Tent with Mesh Inner Tent Option Set Up and Review

3 kg=Outer tent, inner tent, 2 poles, 18 pegs, spare pole and kit, and stuff sacks.

The Nammatj 2 is the master of both high and low country, equally suited for a high altitude expedition or a weekend walk in the local hills. This robust all-season, all-arounder pitches quickly and easily, can be taken down and moved in a flash, yet is far stronger and lighter than any other tent in its class.

Because of its superb weight to strength ratio and compact footprint, the Nammatj 2 has become immensely popular with extreme users, such as polar travelers looking to save weight, mountaineers doing remote routes in the highest ranges, professional guides, and military special forces teams. But these same characteristics are just as highly prized by more “regular” users, as well: backpackers, cycle and paddle tourers, and anyone needing maximum strength while reducing weight

The mesh inner can also be used in place of the standard inner tent: simply disconnect the standard inner tent and button in the appropriate Mesh Inner Tent. Used alone, The mesh inner is a simple, highly versatile option for use in dry, warm conditions. Its full mesh walls provide not only maximum airiness and protection from flying and crawling insects, but also 360° views. When used in combination with a Tarp, the mesh inner retains all of its venting and viewing advantages while the Tarp provides protection from rain or shade from the sun.
Includes the pole holder kit to pitch the inner tent or mesh inner on its own.
Weight: 950 g/2 lbs 2 oz