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Hilleberg Niak 1.5 Lightweight 1-2 Person Backpacking Tent Setup and Review

The new Niak expands on the concept of very lightweight yet remarkably strong three-season tents that was introduced with Hilleberg's one-person Enan. Ideal for two people who want to go as light as possible, the Niak is also a veritable lightweight palace for one person. Its dimensions accommodate two people, but its single door and lengthwise vestibule make it somewhat less comfortable than our other two person models, so the Niak is especially good for a parent and a child, or for one person and a dog. It is also the perfect three-season solo tent when you want to be as comfortable as possible at a low weight.

As with the other Yellow Label models, the Niak’s outer tent is made from Hilleberg's lightest weight Kerlon 1000, and it is supported by the same DAC NSL 9 mm poles used in the Red and other Yellow Label models. Its simple, two pole design – inspired by the Red Label Unna solo tent – is quick to pitch and very stable, and the single vestibule can be completely rolled away to maximize air flow through the full mesh inner tent door. In addition, catenary curves along the bottom edges of the outer tent create space that both allows for constant air flow and also ensures that the outer tent is stretched properly for optimal performance.

Minimum Weight  1.5 kg/3 lbs 5 oz
Packed Weight  1.7 kg/3 lbs 12 oz

Outer tent fabric  Kerlon 1000

Poles (9 mm)

2 x 370 cm
2 x 145.7 in

10 V-Peg