Nature Calls Backpacking

Hilleberg Unna, 4 Season, One Plus Person Backpacking Tent  -No Frills, Ready for extreme conditions

This is a very unique tent.  For Hilleberg and most modern tents.  First of all it is a freestanding tent, then it has no vestibules. What this does is simplify the set up and could make pitching in harsh conditions in less than favorable site conditions much easier. To compensate the interior, slated for one person is extra large.  It could house 2 people if necessary.  I can see many places where this design could be advantages.  On a narrow ridge or on a rock, having less need for space and staking makes a lot of sense.

The simplest solo tent for Hilleberg, the fully free standing Unna is supremely easy to pitch nearly anywhere – rocky shores, narrow ridge lines, dense forests (or, of course, even on “perfect” tent sites) – and it boasts an impressive amount of interior space. It is ideal for journeys in any season where low weight is a high priority, and where the terrain makes for tricky pitching conditions. Rather than a vestibule, the Unna has a spacious interior that easily accommodates the occupant and gear – or, in a pinch, two people. And by disconnecting a corner of the inner tent, one can create a virtual vestibule and keep the inner tent dry while entering or exiting in rainy conditions. Its dome design handles snow loading well, and its roominess and light weight lend themselves very well to mobile journeys, where you pitch your tent each day. Little wonder then that it has become a favorite of paddle tourers, year ‘round backpackers, mountaineers, cycle tourers and casual campers alike.

Red Label tents are built for both short and longer trips in generally less demanding conditions in all seasons, such as less exposed mountain terrain, forests in both winter and summer, and the like, but where you still may encounter severe situations. Their emphasis on lighter weight makes them less than ideal for harsh environments and extended adventures in demanding conditions. They are, however, quite capable of withstanding heavy storm conditions. Experienced users sometimes choose these tents for more demanding adventures because they knowingly accept the trade off of strength for lighter weight.
Red Label tents’ materials favor lighter weight over absolute strength:

    Our Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric, which has a 12 kg/26.5 lb tear strength.
    9 mm poles.
    3 mm Vectran & polyester guy lines.
    Lighter weight inner tent and floor fabrics.
    Lighter weight zippers.
    V-Pegs, our lighter, but still very strong, pegs.

Red Label tents are designed to maximize light weight while still retaining appropriate strength, ease of use and comfort in all conditions:

    Outer tent goes all the way to the ground for all season protection.
    Different length poles in some models reduce weight.
    At least one vent high up for ventilation even if the tent is dug down into the snow.
    The interior is designed to offer roominess at the lightest weight.