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Backpacking Food - DIY Honey Sticks, Honey Straws, Honey stix

​Super easy DIY to make Honey Sticks, or any one time use item.  Use them for salt, pepper, spices, baking powder or soda, medicine, who knows.  Great for doing ultralight backpacking but still having a little luxury.

Honey sticks are a wonderful way to eat honey on the go. Honey sticks are also know as honey straws and honey stix.


Honey, or whatever else you can think of
Squeeze bottle, syringe, mini funnel
Clear straws
Heat sealer, lighter, sun

Step 1: Seal One End
Once you’ve chosen your straws, put one end of one of your straws into your vacuum sealer (or heat sealer), or needle nose pliers. Position the end on the heat sealing strip, close the lid, and turn the handle down to lock it into place. Or squeeze the end leaving about an 1/8th of an inch of straw past the jaws.  Wave the lighter in front until the straw melts back to the pliers for a bit.  Hold a while to cool.

Step 2: Fill The Straw
Before filling your straws, we highly recommend putting the honey into a squeeze bottle (the kind you use for condiments), or a syringe, or use the little funnel for dry ingredients. It makes the process super quick and easy, and probably a lot less messy.  With honey I microwave it for about 10 seconds to liquefy the honey a bit.  Then hold the fill end over the honey dish while filling.

When your squeeze bottle is ready, put the tip into the open end of the straw. Holding the straw and the squeeze bottle at an angle, gently squeeze the honey so that it slides down the side of the straw towards the sealed end. If you hold the squeeze bottle and the straw straight upright, you’ll most likely end up with air bubbles in your honey. (Air bubbles aren’t necessarily bad, they just take up space, which means there will be less space in the straw for honey.)

Fill the straw with honey until the honey is about an inch from the end of the straw.

Step 3: Seal The Other End
Then seal the other end like you sealed the first end. That’s it!

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