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The Missing Clothing Layer - My Trail Co. Wind HL Backpacking Wind Jacket

​​Sometimes called a Wind Jacket (zips on), Wind Shirt (pullover), or Wind Breaker.  

All of the variations are light and stuffable. Comfortable next-to-skin or as a wind-proof outer layer. Either. Whether you're crossing the continent or your neighborhood, this is the most useful and heavenly 3 ounces of clothing you'll find.

I chose the Wind UL Jacket as I don't like pulling things over my head.  And I also chose hoodless, now thinking maybe should have got the hooded model, but I will make up with another piece of gear.  

Wind breakers are without doubt the lightest weight and thinnest outer shell garment that you can own, but have a surprising amount of usage overlap with higher priced and more durably constructed rain jackets and hardshell jackets. Due to their incredible portability, lower price, and increased breathability, I would be inclined to wear a simple wind breaker more often than either a hardshell or rain jacket, which is why we describe them as the most versatile of all layering options.

Made primarily of wind resistant and breathable nylon or similar lightweight material. Their single layer construction makes them cheaper, lighter weight, more compact, and potentially allows greater breathability by easier air and vapor transfer. No waterproof membrane; water resistance is usually gained using a durable water resistant (DWR) coating.

Wind resistance and breathability are both attributes that are highly desirable for a wind breaker to have, and are both dependent on the type and weave of the fabric used in constructing a wind breaker. If no air can move through, then the fabric will be very wind resistant. If lots of air can pass through, then it will of course be very breathable.

Backpacking, Hiking and Peak Bagging are generally slow moving activities that can never-the-less work up a great amount of sweat if it is hot out or you are moving uphill. You are also very likely to encounter wind, rain, or even simply cool air and shade that might make you chilled. A wind breaker is the perfect type of jacket for spring, summer, and fall hiking, and a fantastic choice for summer peak bagging. Its extreme light weight and great packability give you no excuse for not bringing one.

Whether you are backpacking, running, cycling or just need a very comfortable, lightweight portable jacket the windbreaker is perfect.  When I was a student studying all over Europe I depended on my windbreaker for how much benefit you get for the packability size.  

I really think, especially at the weight these jackets weigh, they are a layer everyone should have in their kit.  So many uses and such big benefit.

Fabric: 20-denier Polyester
Finish: Durable Water Repellant (DWR)
Stuffs: Into Own Pocket
Weight: 3oz
Semi-trim fit

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