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Nemo Transform - 4 Season Tarp / Pyramid Tent Set-up and Review

The #NEMO Equipment Transform Tarp is versatile enough to go from gear cover to person cover depending on your needs. Nylon material is lightweight but sturdy, and the standard square designs turns into a compact three-sided pyramid shelter that can protect up to three people from the elements as long as they're packed in head-to-toe. Whether you use it as your main shelter on a Appalachian through-hike or as a tarp for around camp, the Transform Tarp is ready for pretty much anything.

    Lightweight 30D nylon with a polyurethane coating repels moisture and wind to protect you from the elements
    Pole-free design means you can use a trekking pole, a kayak paddle, a DAC monopole, or a fallen branch to provide support for your shelter
    Reinforced pole pocket securely holds your central support
    Both doors in the opening tie back for ventilation
    Square tarp shape transforms into a three-sided pyramid with an overlapping door
    Two pounds and ten ounces of weight won't weigh you down on the trail
    Volumizing vents can be guyed out to increase both ventilation and internal headroom
    Floorless design helps you travel light
    Optional footprint (sold separately) puts a bit of protection between you and the ground
    Stakes are included so you can turn this tarp into a secure shelter right out of the box
    Dry-bag style stuff sack seals out moisture