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Samsung Gear 360 2017 Camera - Review, some technical, some practical

After looking at all the different consumer level 360 cameras, my first camera is the Samsung Gear 360 2017 Model.  It was a little difficult as the industry is moving rapidly, and new models seem to be coming out weekly.  This camera, along with my Samsung 8 phone, proved to be a good choice for what I am intending. I was looking for a small camera, that I could recharge easily, that provides pretty decent footage, has a known company behind it, and I could learn fairly easily and quickly.

It is splash and dust resistant which is great as I will be using it a lot when I backpack for my backpacking channel,,  and small and instant enough for quick filming for my other channels. My channel specifically devoted to 360 is 360 Wild, . I appreciate the resolutions and capabilities for the cost. It has 4K video and 15MP photos. Dual 180° lenses work in tandem to provide a seamless 360° picture, so you get every perspective in one take. Requires MicroSD memory card, sold separately . 

It weighs 1/3rd of a pound and is super quick and easy to set up.