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Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Ultralight Tent Set-up and Review

This is a setup/review of a tent I recently took on a backpacking trip in the desert canyon region of Washington State.  I was very intrigued by the design and the steps they took to solve some of the most common issues we have with tents.

The Lunar Duo - Outfitter provides the back country traveler an unsurpassed amount of space, comfort, durability and low cost. Constructed from durable 190T Polyester, the Outfitter eliminates many of the annoying complaints associated with silicone nylon. At three and a half pounds, it still packs both smaller and lighter than any tent of similar size.

The Lunar Duo Explorer is 41oz and uses 30D Silnylon, lighter bugnet and zippers.

The Lunar Duo offers the most interior room of any tent in its class and weight range. Dual curved poles located either side create an unique arched roof. Combined with a tent height of 45 inches and width of 54 inches leaves so much interior space you've got room to spare.

The Lunar Duo's two vestibules can be deployed to multiple positions. Fully open, provides maximum cross ventilation, keeping you cool and those pesky mosquitoes at bay. They can be raised or lowered, insuring that you can achieve the optimum configuration for the weather you're likely to encounter. The Lunar Duo's vertical sidewalls prevents rain falling into the tent.

With dual oversize vestibules, each person has plenty of weatherproof storage for gear.

    Dual Full Vestibule provides protection while still maintaining good ventilation when closed. Open both vestibules to maximize ventilation and view.
    High Vents provides additional moisture control.
    Dual Entry ensures each person has their own door for those nightly trips.
    Single Piece Bathtub Floor makes a more watertight floor.
    Easy Tensioning Adjustment makes keeping your the tent taut a trivial task that can be accomplished while still in your sleeping bag. Re-tension straps have been added to all tie out points.
    Floating Canopy allows the canopy to be set to different heights.
    Dual Hiking Pole Support
    Dual Cargo Pockets.
    Extremely Easy Setup in less than five minutes under any conditions.