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TNH Outdoors 2 Baffle Backpacking Sleeping Pad - Brilliant Idea Affordable Price


Very impressed with this mat.  Just for the basic idea of having 2 baffle zones.  If you get a hole in one side you can use the other side to get you through the night, then repair the hole. I have had this happen and it isn't fun.

not inflated, laying flat: 27" wide, 84" long, 1/2" high 
fully inflated, laying flat: 21" wide, 76" long, 2 1/2" high 

Lifetime Guarantee

Warmer In Winter with the 2 Air Chamber Pad - Launch ON - ADD TO CART NOW
✔ COLD PADS - There is nothing worse than a night on hard ground, leaving you deflated. And there are plenty of nasty sleeping pads on the amazon marketplace. Just because it is lightweight doesn’t mean it gives you any padding for comfort or support at anytime, let alone during WINTER. This stops you from sleeping. Ultralight claims often translate to COLD and PAPER THIN and provide no comfort and no insulation for winter. We Promise a good and warm night's sleep OR YOUR MONEY BACK.
✔ DEFLATED - One Air Chamber means 1 puncture or 1 leak and your fun STOPS.We have created a unique Design with 2 AIR Chambers giving you a complete backup sleeping system because one chamber supports most of your TORSO Weight.This means your pad is more RELIABLE and DURABLE. Don’t wake up TIRED and GRUMPY to your family or buddies after feeling the ground all night on a deflated sleeping pad if you only have ONE AIR CHAMBER.
✔ EASY & FAST INFLATION / DEFLATION - We replicated our Inflatable Camping Pillow’s tried and tested 100 Series Pneumatic Valve into this bad boy. The one way valve makes it SUPER EASY for beginners to experienced hikers to inflate and quickly in seconds! Deflation is also SO SIMPLE, just pull the dump valve and air rushes out, we have a great valve photo explaining this. We are hikers and campers ourselves and have worked hard to create a simple yet FAST option for you.
✔ ‘ECO’ MATERIAL- With a TPU coated polyester military grade outer shell, and have worked hard to source more sustainable materials. The environmentally friendly ingredients in this ‘camping bed’ are all for the benefit of the environment, the health of the people that make it and the fact that you are making positive choices towards a more SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.
✔ GUARANTEED - The TNH brand offers THE BEST VALUE and we stand by our customer ratings! Better still, if for any reason you are unsatisfied, just let us know and we'll fix it. From refund to replacement, we are here to make sure that you are always satisfied.

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