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Installing the Topeak UNI SUPER TOURIST DX Rear Rack for Bikepacking

​Installation of the Topeak Uni Super Tourist  DX Rear Rack on Jaylene's Trek 3700 Mountain Bike for some bikepacking and general use around town.  We started by getting the front basket and rear basket but then learned we needed the special rear rack so the rear basket would slide and lock on.  I also love that it has the spring clip clamp.

For 24”-29” & 700C Wheels
This one-size-fits-all aluminum tubular rear rack is equipped with adjustable legs to fit most 24” to 29” wheel MTB and 700C touring bikes. This tough tubular rack is designed for heavy-duty, long distance touring. The integrated side bar provides a lower pannier attachment point allowing more space for cargo on top of the rack. The MTX QuickTrack™ plate is compatible with any Topeak MTX TrunkBag, MTX rear basket, and most other rack packs and panniers on the market.

Includes mounting bracket (26.5 cm)
Adjustable length, Solid fender top
RedLite Mount, Tail Light Mount
Side bar for side pannier

The rack is a little under 2 lbs but that is fine with me. I still lift the bike up, rotate it in the air and hang it upside down from the ceiling. Contrary to common misconception and salesmanship, you get a better workout on a heavy bike than you do on a light bike. Also and in reality, if your bike is 27 lbs, it really makes little difference if it is just under 29 lbs with the rack on. I go for exercise rides on the bike and the rack is irrelevant -except that I use the spring.

The spring allows you to put on the rack loose otherwise inconvenient items. For example when I ride 30-50 miles for fun, I put my jacket on or take it off and voila, where do I put it? Yes this is the kind of thing that the spring is for. I stick my bike jacket or scarf, right in-under the spring. I put groceries under it, my U-lock, the lock cable or my book, you name it. If it really is to hot to wear a helmet, it goes there as well for some moments. And it is easy to stick your back pack under the spring, just use the hasps to snap onto the open spring, it's far better than just a bungee chord on a springless rack. If you're not sure it will hold something without falling off, add the bungee chord. This depends on your terrain and speed. I have a bungee chord just in case but never really need it.
Frankly I find the easiest of all worlds is to have a plastic bag and put the few loose things in it, then stick it under the SPRING. Then again, I'm the type that doesn't care for things looking super slick, "designy" and latest. I ride in my jeans, not spandex. I have of course nothing against the way others prefer things, it's just what I do. And I consider it a good thing to make use of plastic bags. Which fit better under the spring than any "designed" product I have seen or tried.

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